Some of our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions & Answers

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill several ways:

  • Simply stop by our office or drive in window during normal business hours which are Monday – Friday 8 AM to 6PM. GTC even has a secure night drop box you can use. Drop box payments will be posted the next business day.
  • Call our offices and we can accept checks and credit cards right over the phone.
  • Signup for Auto-Payment by calling our offices and setting up an Auto-Payment plan.

When can I be disconnected?

Please read our Intrastate access tariff Section B.5.1.

What are the government fees on my bill?

For a complete description of federally mandated charges please visit the FCC’s explanation by clicking here.

Do I qualify for subsidized phone service?

To see if you qualify and to learn more about the Lifeline program please visit or the FCC’s webpage here.

Who can ask questions or make changes to my bill?

Pursuant to FCC requirements we must abide by what is known as CPNI Rules. For more information please visit this webpage.

When will I get my deposit back?

Conditions when a deposit is required can be found in our Intrastate Access Tariff Section B.4.3

Once I signup how long does it take to get phone service?

The answer to this question depends on many different things. If there was previous service at a residence, then generally within 48 business hours, however if there was no prior service at an address this will be dependent upon conditions based in our Intrastate Access Tariff Sections B.10 and E.1.

Telephone Service

Can I get your Telephone Service?

For a map of our Service Area please refer to this map.

When is a deposit required for phone service?

Conditions when a deposit is required can be found in our Intrastate Access Tariff Section B.4.3

Is a contract required for Dial-up service?

Dial-up Service is month to month. No contract is required.

What is the maximum speed of Dial-up service?

Let’s start off by the theoretical maximum which is 56Kbps or 56 Kilobytes per second. Now lets bring in the FCC’s maximum speed which can be transmitted through Telecom Switching which is 53Kbps. Then let’s talk about line length and load coils. Outside of approximately 18000 feet chances are you probably will get no more than 28.8Kbps. As you see there is a lot of processes used in determining dial-up speed, and speed will vary according to many such factors as previously stated. While there are certain modem initialization strings, as well as adding more RAM, could assist customers who are obtaining slow speeds, no speed is guaranteed and speeds will vary from customer to customer.

GTC Dialup

Can I get your Dial-up Service?

GTC Dialup Service covers all of Wheeler County, Mount Vernon, Ailey, Higgston, and Vidalia Georgia .

How do I signup for Dial-up Service?

Simply call our Business Office during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM). A form may appear on this website at a later date.

Why is High Gear DSL so expensive?

True DSL is not cheap, however we don’t market our customers one price and then 3 months later increase the price and add gotchas. What you see is what you get. If you think of DSL as adding an extra phone line and then not having to pay for Dial-up service it truthfully isn’t much more to pay.

High Gear DSL Questions

Can I get High Gear DSL Service?

We currently offer DSL to 100% of our Telephone Service Area. We currently offer two speeds and variants of DSL: Mid-Gear DSL (ADSL) 3MB Downstream / 386kbps Upstream, and High Gear DSL (ADSL2+) 6MB Downstream / 512kbps Upstream. To determine whether or not a customer is eligible for High Gear DSL within our territory we will need to see if you are within 6000-8000 feet of a Remote. Even then we do not guarantee speeds, we will work with our customers in ensuring they are getting the speeds they are paying for, as well as obtaining the greatest speeds possible with our service.

How do I signup for High Gear DSL Service?

The absolute best way to do this is to come see us at the Business Office. For those who wish to fax in their application they can download one by clicking here. Please make sure to fill out the application entirely for all information is required.

Is a deposit or any upfront fees needed to signup for High Gear DSL?

Per our Terms of Service:
5.1 Credit History : GTC at its sole discretion will verify credit history based on GTC customer
payment history to determine Activation Fees and Equipment Fees (collectively known as
Installation Charges”) , if any. A Bad Credit History with GTC (defined as any balance brought
forward from previous month’s invoice for past 6 months, or disconnection of any services for
non-payment during the last 12 months), or Customers with no credit History with GTC are
eligible for Services with the following stipulations :

  • $100 Activation Fee due at the time of Application.
  • $100 Equipment Fee due at time of Application.

  • Do I have to sign a contract to obtain High Gear DSL?

    A six month minimum commitment is required. If a customer does not fulfill this requirement a $25 early termination fee will apply.

    Can I get DSL without having to sign up for phone service?

    Yes you can under the rules of NECA Tarriff No. 5.

    What speeds do you currently offer for High Gear DSL?

    We currently offer two speeds and variants of DSL: Mid-Gear DSL (ADSL) 3MB Downstream / 386kbps Upstream, and High Gear DSL (ADSL2+) 6MB Downstream / 512kbps Upstream

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