Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client Setup

  1. Once installed, open your Thunderbird Email Client and Select Email and Feeds as the defaults.

  2. Click on Skip this and use my existing email.

  3. Type in the name you want to be known as, your email address in the form of, and then password. Click on Continue.

  4. Thunderbird will attempt to auto configure the client, however you still will need to make some setting adjustments once the auto settings have been determined. Click on Manual config.

  5. Ensure your username is in the form of The rest of the settings are as follows:

    Incoming: IMAP,, Port 143, STARTTLS, Normal Password

    Outgoing: SMTP,, Port 587, STARTTLS, Normal Password

    Username: for both Incoming & Outgoing servers.

  6. Click on Done.

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