Janice E. O’Brien – President / CEO

Janice E. O’Brien is President of Glenwood Telephone Company, a Regulated Local Exchange Company, located in Glenwood, GA.   The company was purchased by her parents Leon B. and Eloise Cox Adams in 1943.  She became President in 1982 at the death of her father.

Her first duties in the telephone business included operating the switchboard (which was located in her parent’s home), collecting payments, delivering telephone directories, and helping her father clear troubles on aerial lines. Just as the industry, technology, and outside plant have changed over the years, so have Janice’s duties and responsibilities changed.

Janice served as the President of the Georgia Telephone Association in 1994-95.  She was actively involved in trying to influence the wording of the Telecommunications Act that was passed by the Georgia Legislature in 1995.

She has served as Secretary of the Georgia Telephone Association since 1996 and has been on the board of the Georgia Telephone Association since 1985.

Janice is a member of the Heart of Georgia Altamaha Workforce Investment Board and served as its Vice Chairperson from 2002 until 2017.   She was the chairperson of the One Stop Committee from 2003 until 2017.  She is currently the chairperson of the Youth Council.

Janice has served on the Regional Development Council for Region 9 since 2009, when she was appointed by the Speaker of the Georgia House of Represenatives.

Janice is a member of First Baptist Church of Glenwood.

Jim O’Brien – Vice President / General Manager

Jim O’Brien moved to Glenwood from Atlanta in June of 2000. He holds multiple certifications including MCP, CCNA, CEH, and more. He has a wife Jill and daughter Addyson.

Jim helped start GTC dial-up services in 2000, and then managed our deployment of DSL services, including the USDA Community Connectivity Broadband Grant program which GTC was awarded in 2004.

Jim served on Glenwood City Council from February of 2011 to June of 2016.

You can find out more about James O’Brien on LinkedIn.