If you are having trouble sending email you will need to modify your SMTP settings (Steps 1 – 5)
If you are having trouble receiving email you will need to modify the POP3 settings (Steps 6- )

  1. Click on The Gear on the top Left, then on Settings.

  2. Click on the Accounts & Import tab, then to Edit SMTP Settings, locate where Your Email Address is listed under Send Mail as, and to the right of it select edit info. (If you do not need to edit SMTP Settings [your email is being sent correctly], then proceed to Step 6).

  3. A popup window will open. On this window make sure the name you want to be known as is correct, then click on Next Step.

  4. Please make sure the SMTP settings are as follows:

    SMTP Server: smtp.gtconline.com Port: 465
    Username: yourusername@gtconline.com
    Password: yourpassword
    Make sure the Dot is by Secured connection using SSL (recommended)

  5. Click on Save Changes.

  6. If you are having trouble checking your gtconline.com email you will need to modify your POP3 settings. Click on the Gear in the top right corner, then click on Settings (if you are continuing from Step 5 then simply goto Step 7).

  7. Click on Accounts & Import, then find the section which is labeled Check mail from other accounts. To the right of the account which has yourusername@gtconline.com email address click on the edit info link.

  8. A popup window will open, and please ensure the following settings are present:

    Email address: yourusername@gtconline.com
    Username: yourusername@gtconline.com
    Password: yourpassword
    POP Server: pop.gtconline.com Port: 995
    Make sure there are check marks on both Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving email, and (OPTIONAL) Label incoming messages.

  9. Click on Save Changes.